8 Ways Snoo Gave My Baby Longer, Safer, Quality Sleep

The sleep struggle is real. Nursing, bouncing, and rocking are the easiest ways to help my baby drift to sleep. However, in my quest to find baby sleep tips for teaching independent sleep, I felt constantly reminded that everything I’ve been doing is “wrong.” Can you relate?

The concoction of chronic sleep deprivation mixed with pure confusion on how to gently help my baby sleep well left me feeling weary, emotional and intensified my post-partum depression. We both needed help. We both needed SLEEP. Good, healthy, restorative sleep.

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Enter Snoo. The ultimate “sleep saver” for my baby and I’s sleep health. Snoo provides an easier way to help babies and parents have longer, safer, better quality sleep. If you and your baby need help and relief, please read on as I share 8 ways that Snoo helped us succeed in better sleep.

SNOO Smart Sleeper?Rental

1. Snoo mimics the comforting qualities of the womb 

For starters- what exactly is Snoo? It is a smart bassinet designed to recreate the familiar comforts of the womb. The varying levels of swaying motion, responsive white noise, and snug swaddling developed by pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp, helps lull babies back to sleep. Snoo is designed to gently teach self-soothing early on and help set baby up for success as they face teething and sleep regressions ahead.

2. Snoo paired with Dr. Karp’s Sleep strategy resonated with my mommy instincts.

This was a big one for me. As a new mom, I was overwhelmed with confusion about how to help my baby sleep! Finding a sleep method that was kind and truly taught my daughter how to fall asleep independently (without crying it out), was extremely important to me.

Hearing all the warnings about creating “bad sleep habits” gave me anxiety and made the whole process even more stressful for my baby and I. Though it seemed, the easiest and most natural ways to help babies sleep are cautioned against.

My baby loves to be cuddled and nursed to sleep. I cherish those sacred times with her. In fact, breastmilk contains the hormone cholecystokinin which causes babies to become sleepy. Everything in my being feels so right when I look down at my precious baby sleeping peacefully in my arms. No tears, no fuss, and sleep would come sweetly.

Yes, it did make independent sleep extremely difficult for us in the beginning. These comforting ways do form natural and normal sleep attachments for babies to sleep on mommies. Still, trying to sleep train that out of a baby seems like a laborious endeavor against nature.

That’s when I came across Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep. Rather than fight what is natural, Dr. Karp explains a method called “wake and sleep.” This method celebrates these tender sleep cues but also teaches baby how to fall back asleep between sleep cycles.

The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep

I found this method combined with the soothing effects of Snoo to be extremely effective. Repetition and patience were definitely required in the beginning, but it was soft and loving. I could confidently pick up and comfort my baby as many times as needed, then lay her down into the gentle swaying motion of Snoo. This made for a less stressful transition from my arms to Snoo as opposed to when I would lay her down on a still mattress. The built-in white noise and calming movements made it easier for my baby to learn how to fall back asleep.

3. Snoo sped up the sleep training process, gently.

Because the method I chose to help my baby develop self-soothing is so gentle, it makes for a much longer sleep guiding process. However, once we started using it with Snoo, I found that it did speed it up.

Within this first week in Snoo she began to exhibit more self-soothing during naps. By day four, my baby was already accelerating leaps and bounds from the instant cries that erupted the moment her feet touched the sheets. Between my soothing her and the calming Snoo movements, she began to fuss less and less each day. Eventually, she would just give a little grunt and then fall back asleep after laying her down.

4. Snoo lengthened naps and night sleeping.

With the gradual improvements in my baby’s self-soothing developments, she began to take longer more quality naps and night sleeping. Before Snoo, her naps were short and interrupted because she didn’t know how to bridge her sleep cycles without me. After three days of focused guidance in Snoo, she soothed herself back to sleep for the first time after laying her down. With the self-soothing she was learning in Snoo her naps went from 15-30 minutes to 1.5-2 hours!

At nighttime, she began to have longer stretches of sleep. Snoo lulled her back into the next sleep cycle before she became fully awake. Unless she needed a diaper change, feeding, or just needed some special attention from me, Snoo kept her asleep.

The Snoo App is awesome too! In the morning I would check her log and see when Snoo soothed her back to sleep without me even knowing it! It also added up all her daytime and nighttime sleep hours for the day which gave me a better understanding of her sleep schedule.

5. Snoo helps with sleep regressions and teething- they learn to sleep through most of it!

Snoo helps to teaches babies self-soothing by 3 months, just in time for the regressions and beginnings of teething. With these sleep habits naturally put in place, babies most likely will sleep through most of these big developmental changes. The settings on the Snoo App can be adjusted and “locked” on a higher setting during these phases when sleep is more disrupted.

I didn’t get Snoo until my baby was 3 months old and self-soothing not yet learned. We had nights when she would wake up every 2 hours and one night, in particular, was every hour. The night she was up every hour happened to be a night we were without Snoo.

Interestingly, those rough patches only lasted a few nights in a row. She had wakeful, clingy nights off and on for about two weeks before seeming to phase out of it.

I remember asking myself, “was that the sleep regression?” Did it just pass through quickly only to show up on some random nights? I honestly couldn’t tell. By that point, however, she was almost 5 months old.

Whatever it was, she did pretty well during the 3-4 month sleep regression period, which I do attribute to Snoo. Even though we boarded the Snoo train later, it seems to me that it did help her go through that phase quickly and more easily than without it. 

6. Snoo keeps baby safely on their backs.

It is hard to sleep peacefully when you’ve been told to make sure your baby doesn’t roll in the middle of the night. During the day its easier to monitor naps but what about nighttime when we (finally) are in a deep slumber ourselves?  

Snoo comes with specific swaddles that attach to the inside of the bassinet. In fact, Snoo will not operate if these swaddles are not properly in place. This design safely protects baby from rolling over to an unexpected position. Now I can sleep peacefully without worrying about her rolling over at any point.

100% Organic SNOO Sleep Sack Ivory

7. Snoo makes sleep more comfortable for babies with acid reflux.

My baby dealt with acid reflux for months. After every feeding, she needed to be held upright at least 25 minutes. This routine ingrained her sleep preference to sleep only on me for all sleeping.

Putting her down drowsy but awake didn’t work for us under the circumstances. For that reason, the “wake and sleep” method with Snoo helped her acclimate after cuddling with mommy.

Snoo also has leg extenders available that slightly elevate the bassinet. With the wings of the swaddle safely secured to the inside, there is no concern for them sliding down or rolling. Less stress on baby’s tummy system makes for better, less interrupted sleep.

SNOO Leg Lifters

8. Snoo offers a great support system via free email sleep consultations.

I mentioned before that I stared with Snoo after she turned 3 months old with already accustomed sleep habits. I felt my daughter and I both needed one-on-one help specific to our struggles.

The sleep consultants were so helpful and thorough! Their tools and advice are based on the practices of Dr. Harvey Karp and I truly learned a lot from the team. Having that support system was especially beneficial.

Final Thoughts

My baby was able to gently learn how to self-soothe in Snoo, without having to use a sleep training method that was too stressful. Her quality of sleep increasingly improved with longer stretches at night and independent naps. Sleep regressions and teething were made easier for our baby girl to handle!

With all this sleep going on, my sweet pea became a happier, well-rested baby! That also meant more rest for our family as a whole. It is amazing how many aspects of life improve when your sleep improves.

Best investment in baby sleep by far

If you and your baby need help to improve sleep and healthy sleep habits, allow Snoo to help! Out of all the sleep tools out there on the market thus far, I wholeheartedly believe this is the most effective and valuable investment for you and your baby’s sleep health.

The price of Snoo is pretty steep (in my opinion). BUT, thankfully they also offer Snoo for rent! My husband and I chose to rent as it was more practical and affordable for us. After a successful first month, we rented Snoo for the remaining recommended age of 6 months.

Included in your rental (or purchase) are 3 organic swaddles as well as an organic sheet and mattress that is yours to keep.

The Big Bundle

Baby shower coming up?

Going in on Snoo as a baby shower group gift is a great idea! Whether rented or purchased, this is a wonderful way to help set mommies-to-be up for success. The gift of sleep is so needed and will benefit the whole family. Gift cards are available here.

Happiest Baby Gift Card

 I sincerely hope you find encouragement from our experience with Snoo. The Happiest Baby team is a great source to plug into as well with a ton of helpful resources for baby sleep. If you found this page helpful please share!

Sweet Dreams to you and yours!


Mrs. Mother Hubbard


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