Snow White’s Cottage

snow white cottage fairy tale home

Snow White? Or Beauty & The Beast?

That’s the question I had when it came to designing my own little space. Interior design is another form of “styling” I like to dabble in here and there. For this post, I thought I’d share with you my four tips for home decorating in small spaces.

While Beauty and the Beast will always and forever be my favorite story and Disney movie of all time…Snow White (visually) is more my taste, so that’s the inspiration I went with. This brings me to my first tip.

1) Pick a Theme. I love that cabin in the woods feel, a cozy cottage fireplace, ivories, taupes, browns, creams, etc- all of which is very Snow White to me. I whitewashed some old furniture keeping most of the color palette neutral, while incorporating some raw wood pieces for that rich rustic look. The accent table displaying the tea set was custom made from reclaimed wood, check out for one of a kind furniture.

snow white fairy tale home

DowntonTeaocBookShelf Deer

2) Choose a Focal Point. I picked this classic scene from Snow White to set the tone of the room. This is what people see when they first walk in. I used pastels because it gives a softer look and I didn’t want it to be too colored in, keeping in theme with the muted colors. I chose the dark brown frame to pull in that woodsy color with the tree decals.

snow white fairy tale cottage

3) Arrange Practically. Create space with your furniture in a way that naturally flows together from one room to the next. Since my space is really small, I had to get creative with my kitchen area, bedroom, and closet in way that ties together without being too cramped. I used a TV shelving unit as both a “wall” and closet.

snow white cottage fairy tale homesnow white cottage fairy tale home

snow white cottage fairy tale home Closetoc

4) Accent Away! It’s the little details that will truly make a personal space charming and unique. I’ve always been drawn to all the fables and fairy tales, the whimsical ‘enchanted’ forest, of course Beauty & the Beast, so those are the accents I use to complete my version of Snow White’s Cottage.

Cup of Snow oc The Frog Prince Tinkerbell2oc snow white cottage fairy tale home


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