How to Save Money on your Wedding Flowers

save money on wedding

I went fake…on my wedding flowers AND loved it!

Planning your wedding is so fun and exciting. The not so fun and exciting part is seeing how much of a dent it could leave on your bank account.

Take heart though, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can still keep the integrity of your dream wedding by simply getting a little creative in how you implement those wedding details.

Read on to learn how you can save money on your wedding flowers!

Keep your vision, just use a different route to get there.

I envisioned roses, roses everywhere for my big day! It wasn’t until meeting with the florist that my ignorance in costly florals was revealed. Why must I have expensive taste?!

So, I took a risk and went fake. To make it even riskier, I ordered them online and picked out the foam bouquets! It sounds terrible, but it was so the opposite!

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Start small

First, I ordered one batch to see how they felt and looked in person. They arrived at my front door quickly and to my amazement were absolutely beautiful! 

These are the roses here that I used for my wedding in pink and ivory. 

Test them out

Next, I took pictures of them to see how they would translate in wedding photos. They pictured beautifully and I loved how the sun cast a soft glow on them which was important for my outdoor ceremony.

Then, go big

I was so impressed by these faux roses that I ended up using them for my entire wedding! I’m talking from the centerpieces to my bouquet, right down to the top of my cake.

Even the guests commented on how beautiful the centerpieces were only to be surprised that they were artificial!

I used for all my flowers and table runners.

I still used my florist to arrange all these wonderful faux roses, it drastically cut cost by providing them myself. She even enjoyed working with them too!

To save even more in price, I chose to make all my bridesmaid’s bouquets myself, which was a lot of fun for me. I remember making them in the living room while I watched Hallmark movies:)

Extra goodies

Besides saving money, going artificial was especially helpful in saving time. Most of the arranging was made in advance so as not to add to the rush of the day.

Using faux flowers also took away the worry about the sun wilting the petals or my bouquet browning by the end of the night.

The cherry on top- My bouquet looks just as it did the day I walked down the aisle with it. The centerpieces are ready for other fun events in the future. I already have plans to use them for my daughter’s first birthday!

If you want to save money on your wedding flowers, I highly recommend going faux. Save your money, save your memories, and save your time! You can also save 15% off your purchase from with my code MOTHERHUBBARD so be sure to use it!

Happy flower picking!


Mrs. Mother Hubbard


Photography by Cassy Smith

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