Here’s What Happened

mrs mother hubbard

I’m currently writing this post with my 2 month old baby napping peacefully next to me.

Spoke to soon hold on…

Ok I’m back 🙂

This blog used to be called Olivia Cannizzaro style, but will now have a whole new look and be full of new adventures to share.

All in the span of a year, I have:

~Gotten married

~Moved out of town

~Got preggers a month and a half into our marriage!

~Said a tearful goodbye to my styling career

~And gave birth to my precious baby girl!

Now I’m back at it again with blogging, this time with a new last name and a new shift from career to wife and mommyhood.

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Mrs. Mother Hubbard

(formally, Olivia Cannizzaro)

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