How to Save Money on your Wedding Flowers

I went fake…on my wedding flowers AND loved it!

Planning your wedding is so fun and exciting. The not so fun and exciting part is seeing how much of a dent it could leave on your bank account.

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8 Ways Snoo Gave My Baby Longer, Safer, Quality Sleep

The sleep struggle is real. Nursing, bouncing, and rocking are the easiest ways to help my baby drift to sleep. However, in my quest to find baby sleep tips for teaching independent sleep, I felt constantly reminded that everything I’ve … Read the rest

Warm and Cozy Fall Baby Outfits that are both Cute and Practical

It’s a well-known fact that Fall is a much favored season for many and I’m no exception. As a new mom, the autumn season is even more exciting with all these cute fall baby outfits!

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Here’s What Happened

I’m currently writing this post with my 2 month old baby napping peacefully next to me.

Spoke to soon hold on…

Ok I’m back 🙂

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Snow White’s Cottage

snow white cottage fairy tale home

Snow White? Or Beauty & The Beast?

That’s the question I had when it came to designing my own little space. Interior design is another form of “styling” I like to dabble in here and there. For this post, I … Read the rest